Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The tasty, tasty julep

It seems that for the past year or so, the mojito is the drink that has been most in vogue. Having first encountered them at the Drum Room in Kansas City and then later the Starlite Lounge in Lincoln, they now seem to be everywhere.

For a brief moment in time when sorostitutes were the epitomy of cool, the Cosmo had everyone's attention, but hip is always cooler than cool and the mojito is the hipster's drink. Mojitos have become so big now that even Orbitz has created a gum based around their popularity. Of course, the laws of gravity denote that anything too big must fall and so the mojitos days are numbered.

I'd like to nominate the mint julep as its replacement. In recent months I've notice several references to the julep in news stories. Bath and Body Works carries julep-scented good-smelling girl stuff. Best of all, its more or less an 80 proof slushy, and it just doesn't get much better than that.

On a side note.... I'd like to give free advertising to two great bars.

The Drum Room in Kansas City is the hotel bar at the President Hilton. It has perhaps the coolest bartender ever and they make a scorching-hot bloody mary. The Starlite Lounge in Lincoln is in the basement of a cajun restaraunt. It has a rat-pack vibe to it with a round bar. They serve Pabst Blue Ribbon but specialize in a wide range of exotically delightful mixed drinks, such as the Moscow Mule and the Singapore Sling.

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